Colleen + Jeremy

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007
Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

Well, we almost forgot to show you Colleen and Jeremy’s Wedding. Sorry for those who had been waiting.

Colleen and Jeremy are some of the most nice and laid-back couples we have ever met. We always love it when the groom contacts us. We really had a blast at this wedding. The weather was perfect and a little overcast. Which made for some soft-light. We also were able to shoot all of their formal, bridal party, most family, and couple shots before the ceremony which was so great. Then after the ceremony, they had tons of time to say hello to all of their friends and family. It was perfect.

Thanks guys for making everything so great!!!

Colleen’s necklace and shoes

Jeremy couldn’t get Colleen’s ring on since he was probably a little nervous. So she had to help him.

This was a special request picture by a member of the bridal party!

We then went back and enjoyed two fully buried pigs they put in the ground the day before. It was pretty cool and really good.

Malia + Brad

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
Day After Session
Mondrian Scottsdale Hotel

So here we are blogging once again. Sorry for those who have waited. I have been kinda struggling with a little itch to take our blog somewhere new and making our images a little different. Which to be honest, will make your photos look even cooler on the blog!
We are always captivated with new locations and ideas. When the James Hotel was changing to the Mondrian Scottsdale Hotel, I was always a little intrigued by the change. When we wondered in there from an engagement session with Almira and Curt (whose wedding we just shot in Jerome/Sedona this past weekend), we have dreamt of the idea of being allowed to shoot their. Which we knew going into this shoot. But, lovely Brad was kind enough to call and get the go since they were spending a pretty good amount with them. While we were shooting for 5 minutes, a security guy came and stopped us. Then 10 minutes later, a office lady came to ask us. Then she came back to say ok. So suffice to say, I never stopped shooting (until our 5D broke again) and was willing to ask for forgiveness before permission.

So thank you Brad and Malia for making my dreams come true on a Wednesday in June.

Angie took this shot of Malia in the womens restroom!


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Hey Guys! We just got home this morning at 6am from Utah and we are headed to Stacy + Lucas’s Wedding. We are so excited!!! We thank everyone for the emails and voicemails. We’ll get back to you ASAP!


Matt + Angie Sloan

Thanks for the Comments!

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It’s been pretty great here in Utah. We finally got a small taste of internet connection and it’s been a nice change. One thing we noticed lately is that we have been receiving tons of comments on blog posts and we love it! We have yet to have this blog for a full year and we just received our 700th comment. Thanks guys!

So, we want everyone to keep it up because it makes us feel loved. We are going to reward every 50th comment from here on out with your choice of 3 prizes:

Please choose from the following:
1. $25 iTunes Gift Card
2. $25 Amazon Gift Card
3. $50 off anyone of our portrait sessions (Rekindle the Fire, Senior, Engagement, Family, or Baby Sessions)

So the 700th comment winner is:

Mrs. Lorelei Barker