25 Things About Angie

03.23.2009 | Entertainment | 17 comments

1. I love Rootbeer with the sonic ice and a straw.
2. I didn’t read Twilight, but I love the movie! Some people probably think it’s cheesy, but it reminds me of the first time I saw Matt. There are a few moments in life that I believe in MAGIC. One of those times is when you look across the room and see the Hottest Person ever and your heart starts beating so fast and you get soooooooo excited and nervous. I LOVE LOVE that feeling. It’s the feeling I felt when I saw Matt across the room many many years ago:)
3. I LOVE my kids more than anything in the WORLD! I’ve always wanted to be a Mom and it is definitely the greatest best thing I will EVER do in my life.
4. Speaking of being a Mom, Giving birth to Paisley was pretty difficult. Most of my friends and family know it was a pretty crazy tramatic experience. Since then i’ve dealt with Anxiety and Depression. I know it’s pretty personal, but I hope I can help others. I have an incredible support system and an AMAZING councler who has given me tools to overcome this trial in my life. Hopefully if anyone reads this that is afraid because they have every experienced these feelings don’t worry your not alone and you can totally overcome it!!!
5. I have never drank. Mostly because of my faith, but I have personal reasons too. My Mom’s dad got in a tragic car accident and died when she was only 8. She opened the door to see a police man standing there. He then told my Grandma that he had been drinking and driving and had driven off the road. When I was old enough to understand what had happened I promised myself I would never drink, To see the sorrow in my Mom’s eyes was enough for me to make that choice.
6. I wish I was a good dancer! I dance around the house all the time and pretend Im as good as the people on So you think you can dance.
7. I have a slight obsession with Disneyland! The smells, the churros, the memories. Taking my kids to Disneyland for the first time was one of the Best Days of my life!
8. Growing up my family had not so much money. I decided i would have all these dreams and aspirations! Now that Im older they don’t seem important anymore. I live a pretty simple life and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
9. Im not into Fashion What so ever. If I own any cute clothes it’s only because Matt chose them for me. If I ever look cute it is only to be cute for Matt. I could wear pj’s, flip flops and my hair in a pony tail all day every day.
10. I have been using the same powder for 4 years, that is how often I wear make up!
11. My nose is a little Crooked from being broken twice:)
12. I was in Gymnastics for 12 years. I was in love with Mary lou Retton and Nadia and wanted more than anything to be an Olympic Gymnast.
13. I eat a lot!
14. In High School I used to worry about my weight and always worked out and counted calories. But some how gained weight. I could never be anorexic, because I love food. I HATE barfing so I couldn’t be bulimic. So I decided to just have a good relationship with food.
15. When I stopped worrying about my weight and ate what ever I wanted to in strides, I somehow lost 15lbs….
16. I love the SECRET!
17. I wish people in general would understand how blessed they are and stop complaining.
18. I think everyone in America should start a gratitude Journal and thinking Positive!
19. As much as some people think Positive thinking is a joke, it is one of the most powerful tools we have! We should all do it.
20. My favorite activity is to wakeboard! I love the lake, swimming, and the ocean!
21. Most everyone knows that Im am one of the HUGEST Lord of the Rings Fans EVER! I won’t go into detail.
22. I have to thank Matt for introducing me to REAL music. I never knew that there was such Incredible artist out there until I met him.
23. I listend to the Killers when I was Prego with Maddux. When he was born, the Killers album was the only thing that would calm him down if he was screaming.
24. I listened to Hot Chip when I was prego with Paisley and she loves them now.
25. When I was 5 I was in Karate and I was the Youngest person at my karate studio to ever Karate chop a wood board!