03.26.2009 | Entertainment | 12 comments

So the other day I sat Matt down on the couch and snuggled up for a movie. Then I told him it would be Twilight. Which I knew he wasn’t too excited about, but I decided to pretty much make him watch it. SinceI had already seen it in the movie theaters.

I have never read the books, but I do have copies laying around the house from friends and family. I thought I would have time to read them, but I am just too busy with the kids and work. :)

After we ended up watching the movie, Matt was pretty happy. I’m pretty sure he liked it after he tweeted:

Now we aren’t any of those really huge fans, but Matt loves fantasy movies and I love romances, so it was a decent middle ground movie for us both.

One of the moments I love most about the movie is when Bella sees Edward for the 1st time. I got goose bumps! (I still remember that moment when I saw Matt for the 1st time. :) )