Happiness Project

01.23.2010 | Happiness Project | 27 comments

At least once a week I have a dream about my Mom. The other night I had a dream that my Mom came back to life. It was so real, she was talking to me and smiling just like I remember her. I woke up confused and started to have a panic attack realizing that it was just a dream. I quietly prayed and calmly talked myself out of the fear. Since she died, I have been bitter, angry, and so sad. Things that normally wouldn’t bother me, Iv’e allowed to dig inside of me and cause stress, anger, loss of faith & loss of hope. All the tragedy I see in the world has been very discouraging. I feel like every where I go I see someone who is suffering physical, emotionally, or financially.

I will love my Mom forever and ever and ever, but I need to move on.

As I read this BLOG and this BLOG. I was reminded of faith and hope. These individuals are amazing! Iv’e never even met either of them, but they are such great examples to me.

Last night as I was watching Hope for Haiti, Halleluja came on. That is one of my favorite songs ever and it hit me to the core. My trials are miniscule compared to the tragedies and losses other people are suffering.

I was inspired by my friend Kara Layne and this BOOK to start finding joy and happiness in simple things. Last weeks challenge was to simplify my home by tossing out junk! I got rid of 8 trash bags and about 6 boxes from the kitchen and family room alone! It is amazing how much happier you are when your house is organized and clean. I would say week one was a pretty good success:)

While trying to find happiness in simply things I looked out the window the morning after the storm and watched these two birds.(I love twiggy trees:) The bird standing on the hire branch was definitely protecting the bird on the lower. I was thinking how they must have protected each other during the storm and how blessed they are to have one another.

I also watched this video over and over this week. Trying to remind myself that there is hope for all the people who are suffering in the world.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”.
Helen Keller