boy meets girl…

08.17.2010 | Happiness Project | 1 comment

The Kids and I drew today. My drawing skills are not awesome, but we had fun. :)

Untitled from matt sloan on Vimeo.

Michelle + Dillon

08.13.2010 | Weddings | 20 comments

I always find it pretty challenging to find specific locations to shoot in AZ, but when we find awesome locations, I get all giddy. You’d think shooting in AZ in August would yield some pretty less than desireable locations, but we found a perfect spot. I had a very awesome and trusty friend along for the ride: Josh Snyder. We also had an awesome couple who really made the hottest day ever hotter!


08.10.2010 | Family | 8 comments

So today we went to Knott’s Berry Farm for the 1st time in my life and took the family along. We found a pretty fun log ride that had a good drop at the end. :)

1st Rollercoaster Family Photo!!!!

Hopefully this ends up on Awkward Family Photos! ;)

Esther + Won

08.02.2010 | Engagement Session | 8 comments


We had a blast with these two! They had great chemistry which was even more awesome!