01.31.2011 | Happiness Project | 20 comments

Our kids have been driving us bonkers. They are either best friends or mortal enemies. I am either hysterically laughing at them or they are driving me so crazy I want to run far far away.

But, despite the tears, screams, fits, and random tantrums.

They have always been and will always be our greatest and sweetest little blessings. :o)

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boy meets girl…

08.17.2010 | Happiness Project | 1 comment

The Kids and I drew today. My drawing skills are not awesome, but we had fun. :)

Untitled from matt sloan on Vimeo.

Just a Typical Summer Afternoon. Full of Love, Love, Love.

07.28.2010 | Happiness Project | 27 comments

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I always try to video a lot during the SUMMER TIME since that is when all the magic happens. ;)

Untitled from matt sloan on Vimeo.

Happy Face

07.08.2010 | Happiness Project | 10 comments

I just fulfilled a print order for this cute family and this image made me smile. Sometimes I feel like the cute little girl on the left. Totally annoyed, sad, and upset. Sometimes I feel like the cute little girl on the right. Like the world is crazy and there is so much chaos going on around me, but I am completely calm and full of peace. :)