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These three //Photo Field Trip//

We were blessed with the opportunity to speak and teach at a unique type of photography conference. It wasn’t so much about how to make money as a successful photographer or how to out do the competition. It was about passion, it was about living, it was about art, and it was about love. It was an enlightening experience to say the least. There were lots of tears shed. The good kind, the kind that cleanse your soul and release those aching wounds of pain, self doubt, discouragement and frustrations. There were loads of laughs, also the good kind. The kind of laughs made with new friends and old, the kind of laughing that creates fairies and sends love out into the world through tiny particles of magic. If you didn’t get a chance to go to Photo Field trip I highly recommend going next year. And if I could give you a little piece of advice, my advice would be to go with your heart, not your head. As in, let your heart be your guide on this field trip. Because, as awesome as your heads are, sometimes they can get in the way. Heads think about all the stuff that grown ups think of. Like money, time, and all the “important” stuff. Well at least we think it’s important, but when we learn to live life the way life was intended to live, we realize that stuff is not quite as important as we once thought. At least, that’s what I think and thats what I’ve learned from my past. Sometimes it is great for our heads to get in the way, but not always and not in this case. In the case of field trip I want you to attend with your heart. The part of you that needs connection to nature, to humans who love the art of living and the art of learning. (Yes, learning is an art and to learn you need to be humble and open to the possibilities of it all). The part of you that is insecure and possibly broken, the part of you that wants to live without those boundaries that fear put on you. Go with that heart and you will thrive. Thank you to all of those that attended our classes and for those that learned and thrived with us.

Jess + Scott

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Jess + Scott // Photo Field Trip // El Capitan