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Karen + Scott

03.21.2007 | Engagement Session | 18 comments

Monday, March 19th, 2007
Engagement Session
Sahuaro Ranch Park (Glendale, AZ)

We had a great time with Karen and Scott. I shot most of the engagement session by myself (which Angie and I have decided will be best) But I also invited Angie and Maddux to come and play with me at this new park we found: Sahuaro Ranch Park. It was actually a recommendation from Karen. Even Scott was impressed! Scott is from North Carolina and came in to help with the preparations of their wedding in April. These two were so great!!! Sometimes I feel weird when asking couples to pose a “certain” way, but they made me feel so comfortable. Thanks guys for the special time with you!!!

Colleen + Jeremy

03.20.2007 | Engagement Session | 12 comments

Friday, March 16th, 2007
Engagement Session
Mill Ave. (off the beaten path)

We have really enjoyed getting to know Colleen and Jeremy. Jeremy is one of the few grooms who contacted us personally. I really respect that and wish that more grooms would take the time to help out in anyway. They both actually live in Las Vegas and it makes it fun to correspond through phone calls and emails. At first, they weren’t super excited to have an engagement session with us. But we wanted to get them out together!!!

It was UNLV’s spring break for them and they came down for their engagement session. FYI, these two are super smart!!! Jeremy is a chemist and working hard with some special studies at UNLV with Hazardous Chemicals and how to keep them out of the environment. He’ll be graduating and getting married in the same month!!! Then, Colleen will then take her turn in studying. We love those couples that are really embracing learning and knowledge together.

We decided to shoot off the beaten path of Mill Ave. and venture into some locations we have never actually been. We even ventured to the location where Colleen and Jeremy first met each other. We love the getting to know our clients!!! And Colleen is one of the sweetest girls we have ever met! Plus, she has amazing red hair and super cute. She has one of those infectious personalities that carries converstaions really well and we can tell people love being around her. They will be getting married in May at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks for letting us shoot this session with you two!!!

Kaydon Mark Sloan

03.17.2007 | Portraits | 4 comments

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

We both have large families. Angie has 7 brothers and sisters and I have 9 brothers and sisters. With all of those siblings, we have tons of nieces and nephews.

It was really a great time visiting the hospital less than a day after his birth. From what I gathered, everything went really well and the parents are really excited and a little tired. Congrats Guys!!!


Inspirador Open House

03.16.2007 | | 0 comments

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

We have been really lucky to get to know some ladies that really inspire us!!! The ladies of Inspirador have been so amazing with us and we honestly have so much to live up to. They really are so sweet!

They actually invited us to be a small part of their 1st Open House as they are preparing tons of brides to see their vision of Inspirador when it opens around the corner. If you are a bride that has yet to find a place for your reception, give them a buzz. They have embraced downtown Chandler and will be one of the prime vendors there!!! Also, they are huge into charities which we are now going to be more a part of. Thanks ladies for all of your hard work!!!

(We also have a surprise we are excited to show in the future as they are using one of images for one of their artistic campaigns!!!)

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