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OSP West Seminar Day 3

02.17.2007 | | 0 comments

February 11th, 2007
Pismo Beach, CA
OSP West Seminar

We had our final day of the seminar on Sunday. It finally stopped raining and there were some amazing fluffy cotton clouds everywhere as the sun would peak in and out of them. We started with a seminar about children’s photography by Dawn Tacker out of San Diego, CA. She really hit some huge things that we are going to start to use in our Family and Lifestyle Sessions.

Maddux was even a model for about 2-3 hours. He pretty much stole the show. He is so easy-going and didn’t cry once. Even with 30 photographers shooting him!!!

We went to eat at a cool diner and then headed to one of my favorite seminars by Gene Higa out of San Francisco, CA but he shoots everywhere!!! He is known as a Destination Wedding Photographer. He has shot on pretty much every continent from India to Thailand to Phillipenes to Italy to Mexico to South America, etc. His images are amazing!!! I really just loved hearing him speak and it was pretty inspiring. Well, we don’t want to shoot too many destinations. Maybe like 2-3 a year would be sufficient.

The seminar ended that afternoon but we wanted to stay and enjoy another day!!! We woke up Maddux:

So we took a little trip to TV Tower Road. It’s a locals hang out. It’s up these huge mountains, on a tore up one lane road, and we were honestly in the clouds!!! And it was freezing up there but it felt so good!!!

We then went back to the hotel and tried to rest. We had a great dinner and met a cool girl named Aimee. We talked with her and she was so sweet and cool. She has a sister who modeled and so we decided to shoot a session before we left on Monday morning. We were so stoked!!! We then went back to the hotel and watched the Grammy Awards. Pretty decent.

We just had a great weekend and we feel so blessed to be invited to better ourselves and our brand. We can’t wait to do this again!!!

OSP West Seminar Day 2

02.17.2007 | | 0 comments

Saturday, February 10th, 2007
Pismo Beach, CA
OSP West Seminar

We were pretty tired from the first day of craziness even though we stayed with Maddux and went to bed pretty early. We did wake up pretty early so that we could make an engagement session at Avila Beach, CA. It was raining and pretty bad. I stayed back and allowed Angie to shoot this beautiful couple. She was pretty excited with the photos of the couple and the rain helped give a different mood than the typical AZ sun. We followed a group led by one of our favorite photographers: John Michael Cooper of AltF Photography based out of Las Vegas, NV.

Angie did awesome:

We then went to lunch with some new friends from AZ. Aimee Cooper and Karla Scarff. We had a great italian meal in downtown Pismo Beach, CA.

We caught the last part of Jefferson Todd’s seminar about marketing. He is based out of AZ and knows his stuff.

We then went on some bridal shoots in downtown Arroyo Grande, CA. I followed a group led by Jose Villa out of Solvang, CA. He is an amazing photographer and is published in 8 magazines this year. He shoots film which I think is pretty amazing. Reminds me of my college days. Here are some shots of the Brides:

We then went out to eat sushi which was so fab!!! I love sushi and I was able to eat with a great group of photographers and some locals to the area. They really knew their sushi.

We then caught a seminar by Robin out of Philadelphia. She spoke about albums which was really beneficial. We really enjoyed hearing her story and photography workflow.

OSP West Seminar Day 1

02.16.2007 | | 2 comments

Friday Febraury 9th, 2007
Pismo Beach, CA
OSP West Seminar

We headed to Pismo Beach, CA on Friday morning at 6am after a cool night of meeting photographers at Garduno’s in Scottsdale. It was hosted by DWF (Digital Wedding Forum), Art Leather, and WHCC (White House Custom Colour) our new photo lab. It was great seeing old friends and getting to know more friends.

It’s not as easy traveling with Maddux as it used to be. We really try to break up the long drives so that he won’t feel so locked up in his car seat. We also noticed two small teeth poking through while we were driving and that didn’t make him too happy. He was kinda fussy. But we were excited to get going. We missed some of the earlier stuff of the seminar but we wanted to make the shoot of a couple at Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles, CA. But as we drove, we took our time enjoying the beautiful cloudy skies and occasional rain.

Driving Through the Backhills of Central California:

The Robert Hall Winery was awesome. We were able to learn from a local photographer named Michael Larsen of San Luis Obispo, CA. It was fun!!!

Then we went back and chilled with some of the 100+ photographers that all bunked at the Mission Inn in Pismo Beach. We actually stayed at the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo, CA so that we could keep Maddux away from the party. We love the Embassy Suites brand of hotels.

Jessica + Spencer (Part 2)

02.15.2007 | Weddings | 6 comments

February 15th, 2007
Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse

Jessica and Spencer got hitched today. It was our First Wedding of 2007 in AZ. We were so excited and so were they after all that they went through to make this happen. We really believe that marriage is so beautiful and there are tons of things that happen that make it memorable. This wedding was so awesome and we wish everyone could see how happy they were after their ceremony. We are so lucky to be a part of such great events!!! Congrats Guys!!!


The Flowers Were Amazing!!!

Jessica Was So Stunning!!!

Light Bouncing Through Jessica’s Ring:

VVL Has A Fun Little Beach With Soft White Sand:

The Rings:

VVL Also Has A Cool Wooden Dock:

Flowers Are For Girls!!!

The Cute Flower Girls:

The Dapper Little Boys:

Mom is Holding the Left Boy From Behind Spencer. It was so Cute!!!

Beautiful Details: The Cake.

The Huge Floral Arrangement:

There Were Two Single Girls at The Bouquet Toss. This one should be getting Engaged yesterday, today, or hopefully tomorrow. (If her future husband is seeing this, we want to shoot a real engagement when you get down on a knee… So maybe Call us.)

I swear this is the cutest kid ever. (Well, behind Maddux)

Blowing those bubbles!!!


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