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Jessica + Spencer

02.09.2007 | Engagement Session | 4 comments

February 7th, 2007
Downtown Mesa
Engagement Session

We ended our Wednesday with Jessica and Spencer’s Engagement Session. We were referred to them by many sources, which we are so thankful for. She was in a wedding party from a wedding in August 2006 (Donae + Darrin). Her mother also works with Mrs. Barker who we have loved shooting!!!

We went around Mesa and since we started in the same place as our earlier Engagement Session, we had to find something new and different!!! We did though make it quick but had a great time!!! Thanks guys!!!

You’ll see their wedding next week!!!

Stacie + Cory

02.08.2007 | Engagement Session | 2 comments

February 7th, 2007
Downtown Mesa
Engagement Session

We started out a busy day with Stacie and Cory. They were our first of two engagement sessions today and we even started out at 10am which usually doesn’t give great results for amazing light. But, we loved the challenge of finding some great shade. We loved the results!!! They were so fun and easy to shoot. They could of shot with us for hours and we love couples that love to allow us to continually shoot for long times. Plus, they are super cute!!! And super tall!!!

They also have an amazing family that supplies catering for tons of events. One of which is weddings. Check them out at Brown Brothers Arizona. We are excited to be working with them and if you need catering, they can supply an amazing service. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your wedding in March!!!


Almira + Curt

02.05.2007 | Engagement Session | 8 comments

February 4th, 2007
Downtown Scottsdale
Engagement Session

We had a great shoot with Almira and Curt. The session was a pleasant surprise! Before we got to this shoot we kept hearing that Almira and Curt were not super excited about shooting an “Engagement Session.” Nevertheless, we made them suffer through our conversations, jokes, and the max of an hour. Let’s just say we could have shot for 10 hours! Curt is the biggest jokester and we really enjoyed being around them. Angie left saying her stomach was sore from laughing with them. Almira is so gorgeous and they are so sweet together and playful. We are so excited for their Jerome and Sedona wedding!!! Thank you both for making this day so easy and full of laughs!

Slideshow (Coming Soon!!!)

Superbowl XLI Sunday!!!

02.04.2007 | Entertainment | 4 comments

I used to love watching the NFL with my dad when I was young. I grew up loving everything bad about the Denver Broncos. Well, until they won two straight Superbowls. Which has allowed me to be proud to be a Bronco fan. Today will be Maddux’s first Superbowl. We were going to invite people over like we do every year, but this year I wanted to be with Maddux. Even though he will probably fall asleep.

I remember our claim to fame when we were younger was that we bought a Nissan Pathfinder from John Elway Nissan in 1990. In a town of 10,000 people, that was a cool thing to tell your friends in Middle School. Last year I was even able to meet John Elway which was awesome. He is a big guy.

So I would love to predict the game today. As Angie will be watching for the commercials, I will be secretly rooting for the Indianapolis Colts. The Bears will have to get pressure on Peyton Manning so he makes mistakes. So I do think the game will be close.


***Edited To Add***

Well, I was pretty close on the final score of the Superbowl. But Maddux and I had a blast. Angie fell asleep in the first two minutes. There we some pretty good commercials. Maybe we will add some of our favorites.

Meet Rocko:

Meet Bella:

Some of Angie’s Favorite Commercials:

Tell us in the comments which commercials you liked!!!

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