Schnepf Farm

10.30.2007 | Entertainment | 14 comments

October 11th, 2007
Schnepf Farm

The other day, Angie met up with a friend and took Maddux and his cousins to Schnepf Farm for a little Pumpkin and Pre-Halloween Treat!

The Shins

10.26.2007 | Entertainment | 6 comments

October 9th, 2007
Live Concert
Celebrity Theatre | Phoenix, AZ

The other day, I was able to shoot a live show of The Shins here in Phoenix. It was so great. We also were able to meet them and talk after the show. They really have some great music and they are really talented live…


Kristine + Ronald

10.25.2007 | Weddings | 7 comments

Saturday, October 6th, 2007
Ceremony | Catholic Church | Corona, CA
Reception | Turnip Rose | Newport Beach, CA

While we were in CA for our little vacation, we were asked by Amelia Lyon to shoot with her! We do love being asked over a million other friends. Which at the time was a good thing because she was 8+ months pregnant, so we were honestly there just for any precautions… Which we all got through and the wedding was fabulous. Kristine and Ron are also both nurses, so it was great to hear from both!

Thanks Kristine and Ron for the amazing gift you gave us! We are thankful to get to meet you both!

*** FYI, congrats to Amelia and Justin for giving birth to a little baby boy named Sloan…. Thanks to you two also! ***

Tatum + Shane

10.24.2007 | Weddings | 5 comments

Saturday, September 30th, 2007
Trilogy at Vistancia | Peoria, AZ

Before we left to our vacation in Big Bear, and while I moved everything into our new home, Angie was helping one of our best friends shoot a wedding: Melissa Jill.

Angie had a great time!