Neal Family

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Monday, May 21st, 2007
Family Session
Downtown Phoenix

We shot our first “Mother’s Day Contest” session the other day! We honestly had a blast with Ina, Mecca, and Eric! It was so worth it to meet them and get to know them better. Almira, one of our future brides, was awesome enough to send in a great story and for that we are grateful. So also mentioned at the end of her letter how beautiful Ina was and she was right. We could also notice how great of a mother she is! We had a blast! So, thanks guys!


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Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Modeling Session
Downtown Phoenix

We were excited to shoot Edyta when she had contacted us for a test shoot! We have been dying to try out some new techniques and lighting. So we waited until the light went down and shot some with video light at the end! It was great. Edyta is also working for SIM Agency here in AZ. Thanks Edyta for allowing us to be creative.

Tori + Casey

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007
Villa Sienna + Private Home

Wow! We really loved having two amazing weddings in two consecutive days. (I just wish I was in better shape.) Tori and Casey were so great to spend the day with. They honestly treated us like family and for that we are so grateful.

We started the day off really early for a ceremony at Villa Sienna at 10:30am which was kinda fun because we had the rest of the day to shoot! So we did a Day After Session with them in Downtown Gilbert which was super fun! (We’ll show our faves in the next post!) We then headed over to the reception location which was an actual home of Casey’s family, who we had learned went through a ton for getting the house built, furnished, and looking amazing for them! It honestly was one of the coolest and most unique “home reception” locations I had ever been to. It looked so amazing!

Thanks guys for looking so beautiful and taking the time to shoot with us! Congrats!

She had such cool shoes and a beautiful dress!

The flower girl was so cute in her curlers!

Tori had to get her dress specially altered, because she is so tiny!

We think this shot is so cute! Casey’s dad is a pretty tall guy.

The ring bearer looked handsome!

We love their facial expressions as they release the doves

Casey was so excited as a newly married man he ran down the isle and caught some good air!

This is our favorite shot from the entire day. This is Casey and Tori in a nutshell. They are so gentle and so into eachother!

Tori wrote a sweet song for Casey. She has some serious playing skills and an amazing voice!

They Casey stole a kiss on the dance floor!

Sarah + Nick

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Friday, May 18th, 2007
Trilogy at Vistancia

We honestly met Sarah and Nick about a year and a half ago. When we first met them, we were kinda nervous cause Sarah was super organized and actually was the first bride to ever interview us with a book of questions! We do love these guys and it had been awhile since we saw them at their engagement session. But to be honest, they were a blast on the wedding day. We just always wish that we could look forward to weddings like this.

Thanks Sarah & Nick for being so beautiful and fun! (Also, much love to Nick’s parents for the hospitality at their home while I waited for the girls to arrive from the emergency hair salon!)

Sarah’s Flower girl wrote this sweet I love you note!

The guys played a little pool while waiting for the girls to get ready.

The beautiful bride!

We found these cool room dividers in the spa, so we used for the bridesmaid shots.

The flower girl was so sweet, she took our canon point & shoot around that day and got some really memorable shots!

Being we are in Arizona and it get’s a million degrees here, It is not always easy for brides to wear such heavy dresses! Sarah was taking a little break trying to cool down!

Nick smiling from ear to ear looking at his new wife!

They say hugs make you feel better, just looking at this strong embrace makes us smile!

These two guys brought down the house with their dance moves!

They said they taught themselves all these moves! They were AWESOME!