Mejia Family

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Monday, April 16th, 2007
Family Session
Clarkdale, AZ (by Jerome and Sedona, AZ)

We honestly had a great day traveling up to Clarkdale, AZ to visit the Mejia Family. It started to rain in Phoenix while we left, and when we got into Cottonwood it was getting pretty cloudy and really windy. But as we settled down in Clarkdale, it turned out to be a great day! We met Andrew and Katrina awhile ago at a couple of Photography get togethers. They really are super outgoing and have been so great!!! They are amazing photographers in the Sedona area. Check out their website!!!

They have a little guy named Kaiden who is within months of Maddux’s age. But he is also just as big and developed as Maddux!

So we got a tour of their new huge house and were able to let Kaiden and Maddux play together. Which was so great. Kaiden can almost walk and has more teeth than Maddux. He was honestly so cute and fun! So while we were there, we forced them into allowing us to shoot some photos of their family. We were so excited!!! They honestly didn’t disappoint, since they both used to be professional models in their teens ;)

Thanks guys for dinner and the photo shoot. You’ll for sure see more of yourself on our new portrait website coming soon!!!


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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
Heritage Square in Phoenix, AZ

We had a really cool and easy session with Stacy. She had contacted us for some new test shots for her modeling portfolio. She is a plus-sized model for one of the largest modeling agencies in AZ: Ford/Robert Black. She was also really easy-going and super nice.

Field Trip #4

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Thursday, April 10th, 2007
Heritage Square in Phoenix, AZ

Before we shot with Stacy, we walked around Heritage Square.

Melissa Jill

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
Melissa Jill’s Home

We honestly should of blogged this awhile ago, but we have been swamped with tons of things to do lately. We spent a good night with one of our most favorite friends: Melissa Jill. We all had been wanting to get together and have a night together. So we went out and got some Mexican Food at “Some Burros” and came back and watched American Idol, which both Angie and Melissa love! It was also realy good food. She showed us around her home and studio and we all just had a blast. Maddux even asked when we left if Melissa would babysit. Thanks Melissa for the fun night!!! (Also, check out her blog!)

She had some great snacks!!!

Yup. I love Twix!

So does Melissa:

And Maddux! He honestly wouldn’t let it go all night!!!

Sanjaya!!! Melissa’s Favorite… Except he didn’t last too long… ;(

Melissa really is a great photographer. Well, since Maddux is such a great model:

Here is the crew: