The Classic Quartet

08.30.2007 | Portraits | 8 comments

Monday, August 28th, 2007
Vendor Portraits
Mesa Arts Center

We were pretty excited to be asked to update the Classic Quartet’s new and improved photos this week! We always seem to have a great time with them.

Darcy + Todd

08.29.2007 | Weddings | 6 comments

Saturday, August 18th, 2007
Shade Hotel + Veranda’s in Manhatten Beach, CA

A couple of weeks ago I was able to shoot a wedding with the fabulous Natalie Moser. I had recently met Natalie, and her husband Matt, at a get together. They were so cool! So I was excited!

The getting ready was at a cool little boutique hotel called Shade. Then the wedding ceremony and reception was at Veranda’s in Manhatten Beach, CA. It was a great time and I got to know some really great people.

8 Levels of Narcissism-Angie’s Turn

08.27.2007 | News | 28 comments

Ok so Sandie and Chris tagged me so here are 8 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. My mom used to get really nervous when I would try new things. She would say ” Bo you are to adventurous” So I would get injured alot when I was a kid. I broke my nose twice. I broke all of my toes. I have had a million sprained ankles. I’ve had stiches twice. I have lots of little scars. One from when I was riding a bike and I was going down a huge hill and lost control and ran into a bobbed wire fence. The other I was doing backflips on my parents bed and accidently hit the glass light overhead and it shattered and sliced my feet all over the place.

2. I went to Tuesday Trilogy which if you don’t know was a day where they played all extended versions of Lord of the Rings in a row at the MOVIE THEATER!!! It goes on the top 5 best days of my life. I was depressed for quite some time after the LOTR Return of the King came out in the theaters, because I came to the realization the trilogy has ended. I dream all the time that I was in that movie. I also like to think I’m couragous like Aragorn is. (I know I am a NERD!)

3. I love DOGS sooooooooo Much! I also Like Sloth’s. Matt call’s me a Sloth, because I like to Eat and Sleep. That is all Sloth’s do!

4. I love Roller Coasters. I went on the Tallest and Fastest Coaster in the World (At the time) Top Thrill Dragster! When we got to the Top, we didn’t make it and our coaster rolled all the way back down to the beginning. You can check it out on the “Cedar Point” Website. It is CRAZY!!!

5. I love Disneyland. It always makes me sooooo excited to be there and I love the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean.

6. My favorite thing in the Whole Wide World is being a parent.

7. I went on a date once and at the end of the night. My date said ” I have never seen a girl eat soooooo much food before”. It is true I eat alot, because I love food!

8. I love playing in the rain. When we were younger. My mom would always run out in the rain and we would all wash our hair and then put soap on the trampoline and Jump and the bubbles would get soooooo high!

Megan + Mike

08.23.2007 | Engagement Session | 4 comments

August 11th, 2007
Engagement Session
Payson, AZ

It’s been really crazy weather in AZ these last couple of weeks! It’s one of the better times I have seen the monsoons. But it’s still too hot to really do anything but swim.

So for Megan and Mike’s Engagement Session, I decided to get out of town and go north! Where the skies are blue, trees are green, and it’s not so hot! And we had a blast!!! We shot at a cool location just north of Payson where the Verde River is running. It was perfect light!