Just a Typical Summer Afternoon. Full of Love, Love, Love.

07.28.2010 | Happiness Project | 27 comments

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I always try to video a lot during the SUMMER TIME since that is when all the magic happens. ;)

Untitled from matt sloan on Vimeo.

Bridal Fashion Shoot

07.27.2010 | Portraits | 25 comments

Awhile back we got to work with the most talented and creative ladies in Arizona, hands down! We simply had the easiest job in showing up and shooting. We are so excited we were able to capture these gorgeous Wedding dresses and hair pieces.

Almost everything in this shoot was completely hand made and many of the dress pieces are from recycled material! How awesome is that?

Also, this shoot was featured on Green Wedding Shoes, Thanks Jen!

Kristin & Steven

07.22.2010 | Weddings | 25 comments

Awhile back our good friend Amelia Lyon had a contest for a free wedding give away. Well this adorable couple were finalist, but they didn’t win. So, we decided to chip in and shoot there Wedding. awesome giveaway. The best thing is that they were one of the funnest couples and we felt so lucky to be apart of their new little family. :) Also, funny that Angie once lived across the street from Steve and he and her little brother used to make skate videos together! :) Small World. And last, but not least her mom made her dress!

Happy Face

07.08.2010 | Happiness Project | 10 comments

I just fulfilled a print order for this cute family and this image made me smile. Sometimes I feel like the cute little girl on the left. Totally annoyed, sad, and upset. Sometimes I feel like the cute little girl on the right. Like the world is crazy and there is so much chaos going on around me, but I am completely calm and full of peace. :)