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Every so often I find myself really interested in certain things. For instance, I’ll get really into music for like 2 months. Then it will be movies for 1.5 months. Then it moves to fashion. Or Art. Or whatever. It’s not that I stop liking these things. I get kinda obsessed with things sometimes. And it’s something I really love. I love looking at things. I could sit at a bookstore and read and look at things for hours.

Here are somethings I love to check out: (awesome propaganda website with rad artwork!) (i love checking out the hardcore facts of movies. like where they rank and how much they sold or bombed!) (cool new site to keep up with bands. links to your iTunes to publish your weekly faves. way cooler than MySpace.) (the simpliest way to blog. i can get lost on the so creative kids out there. i love the possibilities. soon i’ll publish my personal tumblog!)

What is cool out there in your world? Please leave a comment cause I am looking for new ideas!

p.s. Photos of Paisley are coming soon! She is the raddest.

Just got home! :o)

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So after close to 7 full days of staying at the Hospital, we were able to return home. I kinda feel lost as it’s been at least 11 days since I have stepped foot in the house. When I got back into Arizona from the trip to Los Angeles, I honestly picked up Angie and went straight to the Hospital. So it’s nice to be home. But I have tons of things to do this week.

I already miss Maddux as he will be staying with Angie’s family for another week. I just briefly saw him at the hospital when he came to visit Paisley.

I promise to get back to you all!!!


As I was in the Hospital, I did check up on one of my good friends new blogs, Sean Flanigan. On his blog he mentioned some good links for photography of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics which I thought was rad. Then I went searching on Newsweek‘s Vincent Laforet’s Blog for some shots and I was really impressed to see a perspective of the Olympics from a front row seat!

But on Vincent’s blog I also found this pretty cool video from Chase Jarvis who is a rad commercial shooter:

I also found this cool website from my friend Becker’s Blog:

Pretty cool stuff!

Anyone have anything cool they have found interesting or inspiring this week? :o)

Paisley has arrived!

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We honestly want to thank everyone for the blog comments, emails, Tweets, Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook emails/comments, phone calls, etc.

I left Laguna Beach in the Orange County area at 9pm after an great engagement session with Anna + Jason and sushi afterwards.

I arrived home around 2:30am and picked up Angie right at the door. She was calling me earlier on Sunday telling me that she was having contractions about 8 to 10 minutes apart. So we left directly to the Hospital and arrived about 3am. We had brief pain before the epidural at 5am. But we all stayed up until around 11am on Monday when Angie was dilated to a 9. Angie started pushing at 11:50pm and with 5 pushes, she gave birth at 12:08pm on August 11th, 2008.

We have been blessed to a beautiful baby girl!!!

We have had a couple of emergencies with Angie afterwards. She has been in tons of pain and they found a cantaloupe sized hematoma inside her uterus. They had to do quite a bit of tests, x-rays, medications, and even surgery. But things are looking better! We are honestly so blessed!

We will be here in the hospital until Friday or Saturday. We have been getting tons of rest while watching the 2008 Summer Olympics. We have received some great visits from Family and Friends.


I also have a very large task ahead of me in finding a middle name. I have a couple names that I truly love, but I would love to see some votes on the favorite. You can vote as many times as you would like. Or leave a comment if you have another special name that you love or has a special meaning. :)

Thanks again everyone!

Baby Paisley???

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BABY PAISLEY Has not arrived yet! Angie was supposed to get induced on the 29th of July, but the Dr. decided for some reason not to induce her. So now we are just waiting for her due date this weekend. She went over due with Maddux so hopefully she will go overdue with Baby sister:) (Even though she want’s this baby out now)!

So I have a wedding and 2 engagement sessions this weekend in Los Angeles. I am totally praying my heart out that I will be able to get through the weekend without Angie and get back to see her deliver. But until then, for all family and friends, follow my updates on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll be putting tons of updates up on the Twitter!

Follow up on my Twitter:

I’ll be putting updates on there when she comes!

**** EDITED TO ADD *****

I forgot to add these photos of Angie that I took the day after my Birthday as we were waiting for our June 14th, 2008 Wedding of Jennifer & Joel.