Jenna + Dustin

03.30.2010 | Engagement Session | 22 comments

engagement session . 3.6.2010 . mesa, az

had an honest blast with these two. we weren’t available for their wedding day, but we made things happen and we’ll be shooting more of them. :) can’t wait! :)

Liesel + Sterling

03.23.2010 | Portraits | 67 comments

Location: Orpheum Penthouse Phoenix, Arizona.
Management: Life Design
Bouquet: Gods Garden
Accessories: Jenn Wood

Matt was able to visit an open house of the Orpheum Penthouse awhile back when we got an invite from Cicely from Life Design Event Planning. We were super duper stoked when we found out we were going to get the opportunity to shoot a portrait session at this incredible new venue for some of their marketing pieces.

These two are so sweet and have such crazy chemistry, it was perfect.

Leisel’s headpiece and Sterlings boutonniere were made by the insanely talented Jenn Wood. You can check out her Blog here

The Power of Positive Thinking (Happiness Project)

03.21.2010 | Happiness Project | 26 comments

With Paisley I had a pretty crazy labor and delivery. It’ a long story so I will spare the details, but I remember lying in the hospital the night after I woke up from an emergency surgery I had to get. I was pretty drugged up and in a lot of pain. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I just started crying. I had never been so scared.

I felt no peace. I felt no safety. I felt no comfort.

I had a long physical and mental recovery ahead of me. Eventually I had to go see a counselor for the anxietys I was having from the experience. My mind became my enemy. I started thinking negative thoughts that would hurt me so bad. I was physically making my self sick with my fears.

I have always believed that our minds are one of the strongest and most powerful things on earth. I didn’t actually know this was true until I experienced it. My thoughts were slowly beating me down. Then when My Mom died it continued.

I would replay her tears and last breath in my mind over and over. The Fear would come back. I felt no peace. I felt no safety. I felt no comfort.

So here I am. Finally, I am feeling peace. I am feeling comfort. It took a while but i’m here. It’s true when people say once you’ve hit rock bottom the only place to go is up.

I still have fears and weakness and that’s ok, i feel like it’s only natural as long as I have power over them.

So I have to thank my sister who introduced me to this book. Thanks Jen:)

This book=Incredible.
The 2nd chapter is called “A Peaceful Mind Generates Power”

You pretty much need to read this book and find out how magical life can be when you change your attitude. I believe in myself now and I believe in others. During the day if I see something beautiful l take a minute to take a mental picture. Or if I have a moment of joy I remember that feeling and hold onto it. Then when I am afraid or a negative thought comes into my mind. I remember those mental pictures and perfect feelings, they make me happy, they bring me peace.

Last but not least, I figured out if I wear a cute headband it is a lot easier to think happy thoughts. Plus I feel cute :)

Happy Sunday.

Adventure Is Out There

03.16.2010 | Happiness Project | 35 comments

Maddux wanted to go on an Adventure that included Pirates, so we decided to go to Neverland this morning.

SO, with a little Paint.

There Is Adventure Out There from matt sloan on Vimeo.

We were able to get there by boat.

We found Treasure.

We had a sword fight.

Then Tinkerbell taught us how to fly home.

And we flew as fast as lightning!

We got home just in time for nap time.