Kristyn + Ivan

06.15.2010 | Engagement Session | 30 comments

Three Awesome reasons why these two rock the world.
1. They live in NY. Which is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
2. Ivan is a Comic Book Writer. (Coolest job ever)
3. They blew us away with their chemistry. They laugh together, play together, and love together.

Little Boston

06.12.2010 | Portraits | 6 comments

We were so lucky to be able to photograph the sweet little one.

Jenna + Dustin (part 1)

06.11.2010 | Weddings | 10 comments

This was honestly one of our most favoritishest and most stylishest couples. :) They seriously brought the awesomishest!!!

Had a blast with them at the Clarendon Hotel in downtown Phoenix and finishing up at the Mesa LDS Temple. :)

Jenna + Dustin (part 2)

06.11.2010 | Weddings | 8 comments

So where is part 1? It’s coming later today. :) And it’s amazing! :)