Joanna + Robbie

09.15.2010 | Weddings | 14 comments

I can’t really explain how much we fell in love with this couple. We honestly felt like family the entire time we spent with them. When you think of Southern Charm, these two are the prime example. They are not only adorable, but they are sweet as honey. ;) Robbie is a serious southern gentlemen. I was so impressed with the way he treated Joanna as well as everyone around it. It was a huge blessing for us to be apart of this Wedding and we are so grateful for that. Also, we are excited to be able to share this sweet Wedding on Style Me Pretty. Oh and one more thing. Joanna and her family and friends made almost every single thing that was included at this wedding.

Stiver Family

09.11.2010 | Portraits | 13 comments

I met this family and fell in love instantly! Kathleen is a photographer, too, and she just sent her hubby off to help fight the war.
They wanted these photos before he left and I felt so honored. :)

So on this 9/11 anniversary of the tragedy, please remember the troops who are fighting for our freedom. They are the real heroes!!! :) Also, giant props and love go out to all the wives who send off their hubby’s to fight for us. They are in our prayers and I think they are heros and incredible women.

Kristyn + Ivan

09.10.2010 | Weddings | 17 comments

When I was a younger, I went to NYC when I was 14. I came from a really small town and was in awe of a huge city.
When we started shooting weddings, I never thought we would ever be invited to shoot a wedding in NYC. We really am living a dream these last 5 years, and we are more than thankful to those who have made it even better for us.
We met Kristyn and Ivan when we got there and had a blast with them and their families.

Kristyn + Ivan

09.07.2010 | Weddings | 11 comments

sneak peak of a NYC wedding. gonna hit the blog this week.