Jackalyn + Michael Portrait Session

02.29.2012 | Portraits | 7 comments

These two are adorable! They have some of the best chemistry together it was so fun for us to capture. Jackalyn is also a photographer and she won the Thirst Relief Mentor auction! We are so grateful that Michael & her donated funds to Thirst Relief and we are super excited to have a one on one mentor session with her.

Here are a few of our faves from their little portrait session.

Janelle + Johnathan’s Hawaiian Elopement

02.27.2012 | Weddings | 15 comments

When Janelle & Johnathan contacted us, I was so stoked! I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding in Hawaii. But to be able to spend a full day with just a couple in Hawaii, felt like a dream come true. It was only my 2nd time ever on the Island of Oahu. The last time on Oahu was with the Mammoth Men, which is always an adventure. I shot a quick portrait/engagement session the night before. We met again at the raddest spot in Hawaii and this is where they actually got married. :)

After that, we were able to explore a ton of the Island of Oahu. They were the best sports and we even stopped a couple times to eat. Most of the places we stopped had meaning to them which made it so fun for me to hear about them and their stories. For instance, one of the last spots was a super rocky area where they actually got engaged and it was super hard to walk on in sandals but was one of the awesomest things to experience on the North Shore. So happy for Janelle & Johnathan and glad to count them as friends since this experience. :)


02.24.2012 | News | 0 comments

We are super duper stoked to be invited to the shortlist of vendors invited to the Cream Event. Please come along with us as friends, clients, vendors, etc. and hang out with us next week! We’d love to have ya!

If you get tickets today, you can get $10 off!


Carly + Patrice’s Wedding Weekend

02.08.2012 | Weddings | 11 comments

Carly & Patrice got married awhile back in NYC. I’ve had a huge love for this wedding since shooting it and super stoked to share it today. I’ve shared a couple photos on our Sloan Photographers Facebook Page and some here on the blog and blog. I also want to give a massive megaphone shout out to Josh Snyder for coming along with me. He posted some photos, too here.

One thing that amazed me about this wedding was the calmness and persistence of the couple who got married during Hurricane Irene which caused a mess on the east coast, even though it didn’t wreck NYC as much as predicted. We met up with them on Friday for their rehearsal dinner which was amazingly decorated and happened in their backyard of their complex. We shot a little engagement session beforehand.