05.28.2009 | Portraits | 17 comments

We were looking through some images we shot a 3 years ago and these little gems popped up of Mele (The adorable pregnant girl who’s maternity session we shared below)! She wore two dresses at her wedding and this was the one she wore at her reception! We decided we loved her Bridal Dress so much that we did a separate session a couple weeks after her wedding! She honestly has been so stylish for so long!

Beastie Boys vs. Blink 182

05.26.2009 | Entertainment | 14 comments

So today I was watching Maddux and decided to throw on a Tivo’s Jay Leno just to see Blink 182. They have re-united which is interesting. So, on my Twitter today I asked my friends if Blink 182 ever plays decent live because I have seen them 5-6 times and was bummed all of the times. 90% of the responses were bad!

Right after posting that, I then watched a Tivo’d Jimmy Fallon and the Beastie Boys were there as guests. (If you watched the interview, it was one of Fallon’s worst! He’s horrible as an interviewer!!!) I wasn’t super impressed with this performance of The Beastie Boys either. Funny that they are re-releasing some old albums and also headlining several festivals. To me, they look like Grandpas! I guess “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” caught up to them! :P

Which performance was better/worse and why? Please take the time to leave a small comment below! I’d love to know what you guys think!

Beastie Boys:

Blink 182:

Inspirador's Open House!

05.24.2009 | News | 1 comment

So just letting all family, friends, vendors, and past/present/future clients know that there will be a cool summer party happening at Inspirador this Thursday, May 28th.

We will be putting on a Radtastic Photobooth there along with presenting some of our albums, prints, and awesome selves!

*** Click here for a slideshow from a recent Radtastic Photobooth ***

Mele + Cameron

05.22.2009 | Portraits | 55 comments

These two are sweeter than a slice of cherry pie:)!!!! Since this photo shoot they have added even more sweetness to their family with an ADORABLE baby girl! Congrats you two!