Color (Black + White)

06.30.2009 | | 6 comments

I laid on the couch all day Sunday due to my aching back. As I laid there I looked around the house, I noticed I have a lot of Black and White decor. I have always loved black and white, not really sure why I just do:) It might be because chocolate is black and big puffy clouds are white, anyhow here is my black and white inspiration board for today:) Happy Tuesday!

Jennifer + Tim

06.29.2009 | Weddings | 11 comments

Wedding Sneak Peek

My Mom

06.22.2009 | Family | 48 comments

I have been thinking about my mom quit a bit the lately. Just a few short weeks ago, we found out she has cancer. Worse news came last week when we found out it had spread. Her kidneys are dialysis now, since they can not function any longer with out it. The things she has gone through the last few weeks would have been enough for me to throw in the towel, but not her. She is a fighter! She keeps telling us she wants to see her grand kids grow up, so she is going to fight as hard as she can.

Everything has happened so quickly I cant even describe the sorrow I have felt lately. I know many people have felt the same pain and know what my family is going through. Anyone that knows my mom will agree that is she the sweetest person to ever grace this planet. Anyone that can raise 7 kids that absolutely adore her and would walk through fire for her is a saint in my book:)

When My mom found out the news that the cancer has spread she said two things “I’ll miss swimming with the grand kids” and “But I haven’t finished making Paisley and Denim their blankies” Then she started crying. She crochets these adorable blankets for all the grandkids and she is in the middle of making Paisley and her cousin one and has not been able to finish. For years she has been making beanies, burp clothes, and blankets that she donates to hospitals for babies that are less fortunate. My mom is someone who gets life. There are few people who really get life. My mom has always been there to comfort us when we are struggling, because she has been through it all. She has so much compassion. I love her so much, and I hate to see her suffer so terribly. I just pray that she will find comfort and peace. Im not sure what the future holds for my mom at this point. Cancer treatment is not an option right now, because of her weak state. I have faith. I have hope.

My mom is a HERO to me and to many. She is so humble and I have always seen Christ in her eyes. I love her to pieces and want to shout it out to the world:). She is the BEST:)!!!
Some of my favorite things about my mom are:
She loves:
she wears and loves Mu’u Mu’us :)
Grapes and the color purple!
Wind Chimes
Donnie & Marie Osmond
She grew up dancing and always danced around the house:)
She loves Music
She LOVES the ocean. She is a california girl born and raised in Napa Valley:)
She loves Chocolate as much as she loves her kids!
She is the best back scratcher and gives the best head massages, that would help my migrains.
She is the best hugger when you are sad
Her poetry is so beautiful, most of it is published:)
Her art is beautiful! Her favorite things to paint are the ocean and flowers:)

Here she is just a few months ago with miss Paisley:)

iPhone 3Gs

06.20.2009 | Entertainment | 3 comments

so i sat in line yesterday to get the new Apple iPhone 3Gs from the Apple Store a mile from our house.

here are 2 videos i recorded already with the new amazing video recording feature!

maddux playing at the mall.

i made the Blockbuster guy dance if i bought his Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M’s! it was amazing!!!

anyone else get one?

i am excited for the new features! it’s a ton faster and doesn’t putter around on some apps.

here’s another recent video: