Amanda's Maternity Session

09.29.2008 | Portraits | 14 comments

This maternity session was so fun and playful!

Michelle + Greg

09.25.2008 | Engagement Session | 11 comments

This couple is pure cuteness and pure sweetness and spunky!!!

(Extended) Help Us Do Something Good This Week For A Family in Need!

09.23.2008 | News | 17 comments

*** We have some winners for the sessions so far! But we are going to add this same auction each week in September. The wedding is gonna be given the whole month of September since we have only received one bid. :( ***

Wedding Winner: Andi + Blake $800

Week 1 Winners:
Family Session: LIZ FULLER $150
Portrait Session: RACHAEL EARL $150

Week 2 Winners:
Family Session: Michelle Revie $50
Portrait Session: Candace Hagen Nielson $75

Week 3 Winners:
Family Session: Jen C* $125
Portrait Session: Sue Aflague $100

Week 4 Winners:
Family Session: Michelle H $100
Portrait Session: Jill C $125


We just heard the other day about a tragic accident that has left a family in dire need of everyone’s love and support!

One of Angie’s really good classmates from Mesa High, Christian Nielson, was in a very bad plane crash with his wife, Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson. The two parents did survive the plane crash but have been in intensive care for life threatening injuries and burns across most of their bodies. This family has a mother, father, and 4 children and I can only imagine how hard it is for the children!

So while we were following this tragic accident, we noticed many people were able to setup accounts for their medical bills and family sustaining bills while auctioning off their services or products.

We have now decided to auction 3 things that will be 100% donated to the Nielson Fund:

1. A Full Weddings Coverage (worth $3500) which will include:
– 6 Hours of Wedding Coverage by Matt + Angie Sloan of Sloan Photographers
– Online Proof Gallery
– Additional Products, Prints, or Sessions are available. :o)
– Location has to be within the Phoenix area or ***travel provided by the winner to their wedding location!***
– Wedding has to be held from the time span of September 1st until December 31st. So only 2008 Wedding dates. No 2009 dates! Sorry!

2. Engagement Session (worth $500) which will include:
– 2 Hour Session at a location of choice within Phoenix.
– One 16×24 Print
– Online Proof Gallery
– Products and Prints are available. :o)

3. Family Session
– 1 Hour Session (of up to 6 people) at a location of choice within Phoenix.
– Two 16×24 Prints
– Online Proof Gallery
– Products and Prints are available. :o)

We are officially opening the auction to everyone on Sunday August 31st and it will end on Friday, September 6th at Midnight PST.

The way to bid is to leave a comment below this blog entry with the item, your bid, and your email address. Please be generous!!! It’s honestly for a good cause!

***The highest bid Friday, September 6th at Midnight PST will be announced the winner.***

Even if it’s for $100, $1,000 or $10,000. 100% will be given to the family’s fund!

The winner has to be:
1. Real and able to talk over the phone.
2. Over 18.
3. Willing to Paypal the money bid to the family within a week to their fund.
4. Forward us the receipt to claim.
5. Sessions will be shot in the month of September
6. Not a bridezilla or a crazy person who will drive us nuts. LOL! :o)

***All Questions Can be answered by emailing:***

Here is a badge to click on the link to donate small funds setup in the Nielson Family’s behalf!!!

Here are some blogs with more information:

Tracie + Sean

09.18.2008 | Engagement Session | 12 comments

Tracie + Sean
Engagement Session

We met this smokin hot couple at Ashley and Donald’s Wedding! We were super excited when they said they wanted to do some “lifestyle” shots for the engagement session!!!