Memory Lane

11.20.2008 | Entertainment | 15 comments

I found these pictures that the sweet and awesome Michelle took back in February 2007 at OSP WEST. I can’t believe how fast time flies by!

Stacie + Geoff

11.18.2008 | Weddings | 71 comments

Stacie + Geoff Temple Session
I can’t even talk about these two, their love and their style, because it is so AMAZING!!!

Shootsac Give away

11.18.2008 | Entertainment | 1 comment

The SWEET and FABULOUS! Jessica Claire is giving away a shootsac full of AWESOME goodies in honor of each MAMMOTH MAN!!! Stay tuned on the Mammothmen Blog and the Shootsac Blog! for more info on WINNING!!! Each Mammoth Man put in their Favorite items, so there are some really cool products in each shootsac!!! Plus the Shootsac is AMAZING and so CUTE!!!

Mammoth Men V3

11.16.2008 | Entertainment | 2 comments

I am heading out on the 3rd installment of the Mammoth Men adventures!

The 1st time was in February when we went snowboarding.

The 2nd time was in June with the 1st of the bus adventure from LA to SF.

This 3rd time we will be cruising the bus into the Great Southwest.

Be sure to check up what I am doing on the NEW RADICAL WEBSITE!

If you leave comments on my future Mammoth Men Posts, I’ll feel so pretty inside and will love you forever!

(That includes you, Mom, who left a “Man Boobs” comment on our last blog! Thanks Again! ;o] )

Thanks also to our Sponsors of the trip!