Janelle & Johnathan. Select.

10.25.2011 | Engagement Session | 3 comments

e-session in hawaii.

posted another one on our Sloan Photographers’ Facebook Page.

Mo + James’ Wedding

10.20.2011 | Weddings | 6 comments

Mo + James had such a laid back, sweet, and gorgeous wedding. They both are so kind and quiet, the day just ran so smoothly. They both were just so thrilled to be getting married that everything just fell into place so perfectly.

Kristi + Don. Selects.

10.18.2011 | Engagement Session | 2 comments

was editing through this session today and really loved these images.

Sloan Family by Brinton Films.

10.10.2011 | Family | 34 comments

Growing up my dad always had a video camera in hand documenting every mile stone and exciting time in our lives. I love love love watching family videos. Every now and then we try to make cute family videos like this one and this one. We decided it was time to put away our iPhone cameras and have some professionals do the job!

We were beyond thrilled when our friends and insanely talented film makers Lex and Loren Brinton from Brinton Films were on board to shoot a family video for us! We spent a couple days doing our most favorite things and we are sooooooooooooo happy and excited to share their awesome work!

You can also check out Lex and Loren’s Wedding Videos. We’ve had the chance to work several weddings with them and we have a couple more coming up this month. Their videos are so adorable and completely awesome!