Cami + Brady. Married.

07.20.2012 | Weddings | 16 comments

I met Cami a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her sweetness. She is an awesome photographer and I began following her adventures on her personal blog. She is obviously gorgeous and incredibly passionate about life, love and adventure. She became an insta friend and we were beyond thrilled to capture her and Brady’s love. We couldn’t help, but smile and laugh during the entire day. Her and Brady are so fun and playful together. I felt like they have the world as their playground and they are loving every second of it. They got married in the Las Vegas LDS Temple. We wanted so badly to shoot in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t be happier that we got the chance to! It was full of nothing, but dirt, two hotties and the craziest winds I had ever been in. It was awesome. And my favorite part about the whole day was that it wasn’t about anything, but two people who are crazy in love with one another. :)

Also, we are so happy to have this wedding featured up on Ruffled’s Wedding Blog last week: