Stephanie + Max

03.31.2008 | Engagement Session | 9 comments

February 12th, 2008
Engagement Session
Tempe, AZ

Steph and Max were too easy to shoot. As many of you know, Steph is Angie’s little sister and FINALLY getting married. We are so happy for her and Max. He is by far the best guy for Steph and such a nice guy. They will be hitched in April 2008.

Leather Craftsmen Albums

03.30.2008 | | 2 comments

We have been getting tons of our album designs back from our album designer: Modern Album Designs. From those designs, Leather Craftsmen has been doing a fabulous job with binding quality albums. We have been so excited and we will start sharing the sample albums with you guys.

New Branding!

03.28.2008 | | 1 comment

We are starting some new ideas going for Sloan Photographers. We still have our new portrait site to debut, but we want to get it perfect with some awesome work. So with the change to Spring, we are debuting a new logo and branding. It’s going to be more graphic, artistic, and more us. :)

I will also be debuting a personal website/blog of mine that will feature some of my non-client work. More artistic and less portrait. :) I am so excited to start shooting more.

We have been really busy. Thanks everyone for being so great. We have tons to blog and tons more to work with in the next few months….. :)

What do you think it could be? :)

Julie + Dustin

03.28.2008 | Engagement Session | 5 comments

February 9th, 2008
Engagement Session
Tempe Beach Park Area

Angie was able to shoot Julie and Dustin’s Engagement Session in February. Julie has been a family friend of Angie’s since they were very young. I have heard many stories and seen tons of old photos of the Skousens and Bates. We are so excited for Julie and can’t wait to shoot their wedding in April 2008.