Mo + James’ E-Session

05.18.2011 | Engagement Session | 12 comments

I swear we have the most incredibly talented clients. Im pretty flabbergasted that we get to meet so many awesome people and get a glimpse into their world and what they do. You can check out James design work on his website here! Pretty sweet!

Lauren + Ned’s Wedding

05.17.2011 | Weddings | 17 comments

This was one of the most wet weddings we have ever been apart of, but it was so beautiful. It did take place at the Boojum Tree Gardens, which is an old and large “Greenhouse”. Lauren was one of the happiest and positive brides ever and Ned was born chill, which then brought on some small rain relief during the ceremony and good sun for like an hour after the ceremony. She also didn’t mind the Ned’s little boo-boo he got around his eye the night before. It was also the 1st time taking a photo of a groom getting some makeup. We loved that right before the 1st dances, they took everyone outside and danced in the rain. (And a bonus point for anyone who mentions in the comments which celebrity Lauren looks exactly like.)