Inspiration! :o)

07.29.2008 | Entertainment | 6 comments

I hope you guys are having an awesome day! I recently had a horrible day that turned out so great! :)

I served Jury Duty today and I seriously didn’t know what to expect. While it was not a great experience, I was able to find something good later on that day. I watched a Primetime ABC TV Show about Randy Pausch which was AMAZING! What a great thing to end a not so great day.

Sometimes inspiration comes in random forms. Sometimes I wish things could be so easy.

Please take the time, someday, in your life to watch this video. And watch for the last couple words that had me in the happiest tears. :)


07.25.2008 | Portraits | 6 comments

A couple weeks ago we had another fun session with this super sweet and beautiful girl!!!


07.24.2008 | Entertainment | 0 comments

We wanted to add twitter to our blog so you all can keep up with all the cool ;0) things we do everyday! If our blog was really cool, we could have it all tricked out with this constantly showing our updates. Someday!

So go to Twitter and sign up. Then you can follow us on our quest of domination!


Fredy + Danielle

07.21.2008 | Engagement Session | 13 comments

Fredy + Danielle
Engagement Session

We had the greatest morning shooting with Fredy and Danielle! They are two balls of energy wrapped up in pure joy, laughter, and cuteness! We had so much FUN getting to know these two! They are so sweet with one another and are absolutely head over hills for eachother!!!