Hey Guys!

12.16.2007 | News | 0 comments

We are so thankful for the internet! There are tons of ways to find Sloan Photographers Main Website and Sloan Photographers Blog.

We have been really trying to learn the best way for us to find you and new clients! One thing that has helped us extremely is our family, friends, and colleagues blogs and websites. We have been lucky to have you linking to us. We know you are out there and we thank you! You have made our 2007 and future 2008 awesome!

But, we would love for you to update your links to http://www. as our new blog. We are also Sloan Photographers and not Sloan Photography or Sloan Photo! (I know it might be confusing… :o) )

We are going to go through all the sites that link to us and send out an email to give $100 off any session. Please feel free to email us at angie[at]sloanphotographers[dot]info or leave a comment. We are excited to meet you guys!

Thanks Again!