10.09.2009 | Portraits | 79 comments

It is hard for me to write up this post with out getting emotional. It’s only been three months since my Mom passed away from cancer and the wounds are still very deep. It is also hard because Hilary is one of my dearest friends and I love her so much, She lost her Dad to cancer a few years ago and it breaks my heart to see her and her Mother go through this. Kristi is Hilary’s beautiful Mother. She and my Mom used to dance together at Ricks College. Which is neat, because Hilary and I both also went to Ricks College:) I have so many awesome and funny memories of Hilary and her Mom. Before I started shooting Kristi, she told me something that I have been thinking about a lot. She said that God carries us through the hard times, then when he thinks we can handle it better on our own he will let go a bit and let us learn what we need to out of each experience.

Im pretty sure he is still carrying me through.

Kristi was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. She has the most incredible faith and attitude. It was a blessing and I am so grateful they allowed me to come capture these moments as a Mother and Daughter. We also brought Hilary’s kids along to play and read with Grandma:o)

Oh and Kristi has the cutest house on the planet:o)

Kristi wrote this adorable children’s book:o)