Snyder Family

07.25.2011 | Portraits | 8 comments

I met Josh a pretty long time ago. Josh was just getting into photography and randomly sent me a message to meet up sometime for lunch. I rarely ever say no to food and meeting new people. Since that day, I gotta admit Josh has become one of my best friends. He has become such a great photographer in a small amount of time. He even has a million times better photo gear than me. I love bouncing ideas with him and hearing his latest gear find. I just wish we lived closer because he is one of the nicest guys ever. :)

I actually shot these photos back in December of 2010 and the Snyder family has welcomed a new little one. I also tried my 1st ever “family video” captured on the Canon 5D2. Well I was hoping to post both of them, but I have yet found any time to put into the video. But someday it will make its debut. Until then, here are some photos. :)